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Unlock your potential. You can enjoy exclusive offers, free products, exceptional advantages, and much more while treating your body as you should.



Share your unique link

Click the button, copy your link and "Share" with friends and family.


Your friend places an order

You can earn 16% in product credits when they make a purchase.



Enjoy your reward

Spend your product credits on free products in your next order.

FAQs //


A sharing program that will allow you to win some product credits, by just sharing a link. Any customer can be an affiliate and “refer a friend” once they have signed up with us as a customer and placed an initial order to become active. An affiliate is given a reward of up to 20% in product credits on the product purchased through the referral link.



As an affiliate you can share any specific product from our website, going directly to that product description page. When you are logged in as a customer, allocate the product you want to share, go to its page, and click the “share” button located in the top right corner. Click, copy, and be ready to share! An affiliate will be able to see any potential earned product credits in their profile under the “product credit page”.



Whenever someone uses your personalized link, you will get rewarded with product credits. The possible earnings on sharing a product will vary depending on if the new customer is purchasing the items as a one-time purchase or as a subscribe and save.

Please note: to obtain product credits, you need to be active and have had an order in the previous two months, or place one in the current month. To learn more please review the terms and conditions.



Calculations are made on the product price and earned in your local currency. 1 product credit in Spain can be used as 1 EUR in Spain. Please note: Product credits will not be possible to use in payments with CS for cross-market personal import orders (if charged in a different currency). 


All accumulated product credits are earned during the current month and become available in the following month.


You can lose the ability to earn product credits if you have not placed an order in the two preceding months or the current month when someone is using your referral link.

If as an affiliate customer you have not been active in 6 months your referred customers will be relocated to the nearest active sponsor. 


You can see your product credits inside your profile and redeem them at checkout.


Yes! If you have more product credits available than the total of your order, the rest remains for future use.

If you have less product credit to spend than the total of the order you can combine the product credits with another payment, such as a Credit Card.


If you have more questions, please contact our Customer Service at



1. INDEPENDENT STATUS – Customers are not employees, agents, partners, joint ventures, or representatives of Synergy WorldWide, Inc. ("Synergy"). The Customer understands that no employment insurance, social insurance, workers compensation, or income tax source deductions will be made or are required to be made by Synergy on his or her behalf. Customers are not entitled to claim unemployment or worker’s compensation as a result of having been or being a Customer. No Customer is authorized to act on behalf of or to legally bind Synergy. 

2. Customers who sign up with Synergy WorldWide are able to earn product credit by sharing unique links and having other Customers place orders from those links. Customers who enroll and/or place orders from another Customer link will pay the typical Customer Markup on their orders. The Customer Markup is simply the difference between the Customer purchase price and the Wholesale price of the same product. If Customers share their unique links, and new customers order from those links, the Customer Markup will be paid to that Customer in the form of product credit to be used for purchasing products.

3. ACCOUNT STATUS & RENEWAL- The Customer’s account will remain inactive status so long as a personal order is placed within a three-month period. If no personal order has been placed within the current month, or the two preceding months, the Customer’s account will become inactive and not able to receive product credit until the account is made active again by placing a personal order. Product credit may be earned only for future activity after activation, and no product credit that would have been earned during an inactive period will be applied. The account may be activated again at any time, but if there is no activity within 6 months, the Customer will permanently lose their group.            

4. TAXES - Synergy is not responsible for any tax or other withholdings for the Customer.  Each Customer must promptly file all returns and reports required by taxing authorities and pay all taxes arising from or related to activities as a Customer. 

5. CHANGE OF REFERRER (UPLINE) – Synergy discourages any change in Referrers (the person who referred them to Synergy). The only way for a Customer to change Referrers is for the Customer to resign or terminate his/her account. The Customer may then reapply for a new account under a new Referrer. NOTE: People who are registered under the Customer’s original account will not be transferred to the Customer’s new account.

6. ENDORSEMENT POLICY - If the Customer endorses Synergy products through social media, the Customer’s endorsement message should make it clear that the Customer has a relationship (“material connection”) with Synergy. A “material connection” to Synergy includes a financial relationship – such as Synergy paying the Customer or giving the Customer free or discounted products or services. As an influencer, it is the Customer’s responsibility to make these disclosures, and to comply with the applicable laws regarding false, deceptive, or misleading advertisements. The Customer should not rely on others to do it for them. Synergy retains the right to demand that a Customer revise, take down, or cease the use of any advertising materials related to Synergy if, in the judgment of Synergy, such materials violate the law, Synergy’s rights, or the rights of any third party. Any failure to do so shall constitute a breach of this Agreement. 

7. RETURN POLICY - Synergy offers a 100% money-back guarantee on all initial orders, if they are returned within ninety (90) days of purchase. Synergy also offers a 90% money-back return on all unopened, unused, and undamaged products from all subsequent orders, if they are returned within ninety (90) days of purchase. 

8. COMPLIANCE WITH LAW - The Customer will abide by any and all federal, county, and local laws, rules, and regulations pertaining to this Agreement and the acquisition, receipt, storing, selling, distributing, sharing, or advertising of Synergy or Synergy products. 

    • Synergy Products are sold as cosmetics, food, and dietary supplements only. No Synergy product is sold for direct or indirect use in the prevention, cure, treatment, or mitigation of disease. Personal care products are for topical use only as may be indicated on the product labeling. 
    • Only licensed medical doctors may diagnose or prescribe treatment for the disease. CUSTOMERS AGREE NOT TO DIAGNOSE A DISEASE OR “PRESCRIBE” ANY SYNERGY PRODUCTS. Customers agree not to ever recommend to anyone that he or they discontinue the services, recommendations, or medications of any doctor or other healthcare professional. 
    • Customers must not make inappropriate, false, deceptive, or misleading claims or other misrepresentations regarding Synergy products, services, financial rewards or advantages, payments, or product credits.

9. ENTIRE AGREEMENT - This Agreement constitutes the entire agreement between the Customer and Synergy and will be deemed to merge and supersede all prior and contemporaneous agreements, communications, and understandings both written and oral. If any provision of the Agreement is found to be unenforceable or invalid, all other provisions and clauses shall remain in full force and effect. 

10. AMENDMENT - All Customers will be bound by any revisions or amendments to this Agreement upon notification of the revisions or amendments through any Synergy official channel of communication effective thirty (30) days after posting such notice (except where a longer period is required by law, in which case such longer period will apply). Official channels of communication include, but are not limited to, postings of this Agreement to the Synergy website; by email to the email address on file; announcements in any Synergy official newsletter; or by mail sent to the address on file. 

11. GOVERNING LAW AND FORUM - This Agreement is governed by local laws and must be construed in accordance with the laws of the United Kingdom. The Customer and Synergy agree to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts in the United Kingdom.  

12. PRIVACY - Synergy collects, uses, and shares personally identifiable information (“PII”) as set forth in the Synergy Privacy Statement at Synergy does so to fulfill its obligations under this Agreement and for the other purposes described in the Privacy statement. Each Customer is responsible for complying with the Synergy Privacy Statement, which sets forth the Customer’s obligations toward PII in the course of his or her affiliation with Synergy. Synergy may retain and process the personal information given by the Customer to Synergy for purposes including marketing, commissions payable, and performance of the Synergy business. Synergy may record this information manually and/or electronically and will be the data controller for this information. Synergy may disclose and transfer such personal information to other members of the Synergy group of companies that are situated inside and outside of the EEA and to other persons for the purposes of Synergy’s business. These persons may be situated in countries that do not have laws to protect personal information. Details of the companies and countries involved will be provided on request.