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This program provides a one-month supply of clinically-formulated products that target and support optimal microbiome balance. The Biome Core Kit provides probiotics, vegetable proteins, fiber, and many powerful nutrient blends. This kit, along with adherence to the healthy diet and lifestyle guidelines contained in this guide, works by promoting detoxification, encouraging elimination, and maintaining a healthy microbiome balance. As you follow the monthly Biome Core Kit program, including the health guidelines, you will be able to strengthen and support the core of your health.

Whether your goal is to feel better, look better, manage your weight, improve daily activity, or resolve ongoing concerns, monthly microbiome care is the right track for you. Target your health at its core with the Biome Core Kit.

This program includes: 2x Biome Shake, 1x Biome DT, 1x Biome Actives (90 capsules)

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Biome Core Kit

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1 Pack
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£ 184.90
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