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With a mix of natural fibres, Guar Gum and Psyllium, this product is designed to help you achieve Elite Health. Together with a healthy and balanced diet and regular exercise, Fat Grabber can easily become part of your new daily routine supporting and maintaining a healthy intestine and facilitate digestion.

Guar Gum is a key ingredient in Fat Grabber, and it supports maintaining proper levels of cholesterol in the blood*. This ingredient is a commonly used as a thickening agent, due to its ability to slow down the absorption of nutrients.

To take full advantage and see the best results using Fat Grabber, make sure to combine it with a healthy, balanced diet and regular exercise. Making these lifestyle choices a priority contributes to adequate body weight.

*The effect occurs when consuming 10 gr of Guar Gum per day.

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Key ingredients

  • Guar gum powder
  • Psyllium hulls
  • Stellaria media
  • Helps maintain a healthy intestine and facilitates digestion.
  • Guar gum does not affect mineral absorption.
  • May support healthy weight management in conjunction with a proper calorie-controlled diet and exercise.
Take 4 capsules 3 times daily with a meal and water. Remember to drink an additional glass of water when taking the product.
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Fat Grabber

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